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TAOKA CHEMICAL contributes to comfortable and modern life and sustainable development of the society by creating new value which meets needs of times and supplying the society with products pursuing optimum based on chemical technology.

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TAOKA : An organic harmony of Lifestyles, Chemistry and the Environment

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Our company was founded in 1934 as Taoka Dystuff Manufacturing Co., Ltd., producing and marketing various synthetic dyes. Since then, TAOKA has been expanding its business in the area of various fields of Fine Chemicals by developing, producing and marketing of a wide range of chemical products, which has been contributing to development of healthy and comfortable modern life style.

Now, TAOKA is providing many kinds of chemical products, such as Intermediates (pharmaceutical, agricultural and recording materials, materials for electronic components, dyes), Functional Chemicals (rubber additives, instant adhesives), Functional Process Resins (paper chemicals, varnishes) and Plasticizers (plasticizers, esters), based on most advanced organic chemistry, process technology, and the manufacturing technology accumulated for a long time from the beginning of its operation.

We will continue to create new values and innovation based on our accumulated chemical technology and to deliver innovative new products and best solutions to our customers. TAOKA is dedicated to creating a world that is healthier and more comfortable and that has a sustainable abundance of safe, quality products.

It is for the well-being of the public, our customers, our shareholders and our employees that TAOKA is always aiming to contribute sincerely to creating such a world of tomorrow by providing products that bring together our Lifestyles, Chemistry and the Environment in an organic harmony.

Ryo Sato, President